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Latest Review Tailor Made Jenny Elmore (Reviewed 06, Mar 2014)
Our recent trip to celebrate our 40th Wedding Anniversary last year and my 60th Birthday yet to come: Firstly thank you for the complimentary bottle ...
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the aurora zone
Northern Lights, King Crab and a Snowhotel VIEW HOLIDAY >
Chris Meigh - Travelled 11 March 2015

Where to start - What an amazing trip. We did the trip to Kirkenes and went snowmobiling across a frozen fjord, dog sleighing through the Siberian forrest and looking for the Northern lights on the frozen ocean. It is truely indescribeable. It really was a once in a lifetime experience and I thank White Circle for making it go so smoothly. We had no problems at all - all the pick ups were on time and well organised, everything that they said was included was (including a lunch that we were not expecting) and all the activiites were outstanding. We went for my mums 50th birthday and it really did make it unforgettable. 

Reviewed 14 April 2015
Log Cabin Multi Activity TasterVIEW HOLIDAY >
John Robinson - Travelled 8 February 2015

Our reps (Karen and Graham) were really lovely and helpful and whenever they saw us would come over for a chat and see how we were getting on, nothing like any reps I've known on holidays in the past who have often been completely absent or only there to try to sell trips!

Reviewed 27 February 2015

3 Day Husky Safari in Finnish LaplandVIEW HOLIDAY >
Delyth Jones - Travelled 16 February 2015

Everything was unbelievable; the quality of this holiday cannot be exaggerated. The organisation of flights, transfers and accommodation was superb. The safari activity was beyond expectations in all aspects and the people we met could not have been more helpful and friendly. We enjoyed every minute of every day.

Reviewed 27 February 2015

Northern Lights, King Crab and a Snowhotel VIEW HOLIDAY >
Richard Smith - Travelled 17 February 2015

No problems about booking. Good information provided. Your local agent, Pasvikturist was very helpful and made it possible for us to book an additional activity. Their use of small local providers in addition to the Snowhotel company gave the holiday a personal touch as the group sizes were mostly quite small. The Thon Hotel is very well situated (we saw the Northern Lights twice from it) and the food is good. The Rica Arctic has now changed its name to Scandia. Other local attractions are Surf and Turf in Kirkenes for food, and the Borderlands Museum.

Reviewed 27 February 2015

New Year Lapland Winter AdventureVIEW HOLIDAY >
Steven Bosworth - Travelled 26 December 2014

Overall the holiday was excellent with mixed groups from South Africa, England, Zurich, Germany and Australia. The activities were well planned and the tour guides were very knowledgeable. When we arrived it was -32 degrees and the guides gave us tips to remain warm in the cold and how to prepare. The large overall suits were a little bulky and I used snow pants and jackets for most of the activities but the equipment was very good and maintained. The hotel Kittilä was clean and tidy with pleasant staff and the food was good overall. The main highlights of the holiday of course included the outdoor activities of husky safari, snowmobiles, reindeer, cross-country skiing and snowshoe walking. Seeing the Northern Lights was fabulous, but you need a tripod to take excellent pictures, the exposure time on the cameras needs to be at least 5-8 seconds otherwise the pictures are fuzzy. The magical colours though of the morning, through the day and at dusk were great and seeing how people live in 1 metre of snow for everyday lives make a day of English snow a little pathetic. Our group members all became friends and this also made a big part of the holiday.

Reviewed 5 January 2015
Winter Adventure for Christmas & New YearVIEW HOLIDAY >
Mary Liston - Travelled 27 December 2014

We decided on a true adventure for our honeymoon and can honestly say this was the best holiday we've been on. The activities were incredible and provided such an adrenaline rush especially the overnight husky safari and the snowmobiling where we reached 9th across the frozen lakes. For those who love adventure, beautiful scenic landscapes and are foodies this is the ultimate holiday.

Everything was enjoyable in its own way, even showshoeing across the thigh deep snow, but possibly the most memorable was driving our own teams of huskies over the frozen landscape for 2 days. The huskies were so affectionate and well kept, so being able to build a relationship with your own dog team and care for them was awesome.

In terms of a shock to the body, relaxing in the smoke sauna (hotter than any other sauna you've ever experienced) and then running in the snow and jumping in the ice lake, but we absolutely loved it. Not for the faint hearted. It was perfect. A huge thank you for putting together an incredible and memorable experience. This truly is the holiday of a lifetime.

Reviewed 5 January 2015
Winter Cottages over New Year VIEW HOLIDAY >
James Pickles - Travelled 27 December 2014

Favourite activity? Husky safari. Riding through the snow, controlling your own dogs, it was so special and magical, we will never forget. Least enjoyable? Nothing, loved every minute of it.

Reviewed 5 January 2015
Winter Adventure for Christmas & New YearVIEW HOLIDAY >
Helen Lovegrove - Travelled 27 December 2014

Everything was perfect! Everyone was friendly and helpful both when booking the holiday and throughout our stay. The equipment provided was excellent and the activities so much fun! The accommodation was comfortable and the food at Hotel Jeris was just what was required for an active winter holiday! For our whole family the two day husky safari was definitely the most enjoyable activity. It was such a unique experience being in charge of a team of dogs while passing through such a beautiful landscape and we will cherish the memories forever. It seems unfair to talk about the least enjoyable activity when, in fact, we enjoyed everything and each day was a new adventure for us. My husband would say that cross-country skiing was his least enjoyable but only because he spent so much time falling over! It was perfect! Thank you so much for a fabulous holiday! Everything was so well organized and the combination of activities made our perfect winter holiday. I have already recommended this holiday to friends!

Reviewed 5 January 2015
Naturally Northern LightsVIEW HOLIDAY >
Faye Whittaker - Travelled 16 March 2014

You HAVE to go! Or you're missing out!!

I cannot begin to express the gratitude I have for everyone at The White Circle, Torassieppi and Harriniva. I had an amazing time and would recommend visiting beautiful Finland  to everyone! From the initial enquiries about the trip through booking, paying and actually going everything was smooth, informed and all staff were very helpful and expert in their field of work. They all seemed to have a passion for their job which was enlightening. I was very impressed with the communication between myself and The White Circle and yet ensured you knew everything you needed to before going on the holiday.

Torassieppi is one of the most beautiful and picturesque places I have ever visited and without hesitation I would go back! I would even go as far as to say I would live there! The accommodation was clean, warm, comfortable and a pleasure to stay in.  The food was hearty, beautifully presented and locally sourced and there was an organic theme running through the food and drink. Staff welcomed me warmly every morning and would go out of their way to ensure you were happy. I liked how the rep Katrina made sure she met all guests and was always available whether it be around Torassieppi or via her phone number which we were all given. She organised a fantastic 50km snowmobile safari for me with very short notice and I got the feeling she and all staff just wanted guests to have the best time they could.

The clothing and equipment which I was supplied with was clean, great quality and comfortable. Guests are able to use equipment as often as they want which meant I was able to try everything I wanted to whenever I wanted to. The Snow Hotel is beautiful and staying the night there is an amazing experience that I will never forget. Staff gave me a flask of hot juice, sleeping bag, karribu, linen and a helpful advice sheet  to take with me. It is definately worth staying there as the igloo rooms are beautifully carved and there is a bar and restaurant inside too which are lovely. All trips were well organised, safe and very, very memorable! Staff are happy to take photographs and answer all questions.

Huskies and reindeer are very well cared for, have excellent living conditions and are happy and healthy due to the love and care which the staff obviously have for the lovely animals. The huskies are of a wonderful temperament and it's heartwarming to see how excited they are to be able to run and play freely. They're beautiful animals (especially the puppies!! So cute.), staff are experts and happy to help and teach you new things such as snowmobiling, ice fishing, cross-country skiing, snow shoeing and how best to see the Northern Lights amongst other things. I would definitely go on a White Circle holiday if you are considering it!  It is well worth the money.  Thank you for an amazing time. The highlight of the trip was seeing the inspiring Northern Lights, so if nothing else takes your fancy, go and just see them!! Faye x

Reviewed 11 April 2014
Winter AdventureVIEW HOLIDAY >
Andrew Boulton - Travelled 16 February 2014

We had a fantastic holiday that we would highly recommend to friends and family and consider going ourselves again. We appreciated the online portal that contained all the information we could possibly require for our holiday. The staff at the resort were extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

Two day husky safari was by far the most enjoyable activity. It was unlike any activity we had done before and was a fantastic way to fully appreciate the picturesque landscape.

Reviewed 7 April 2014
Husky SafariVIEW HOLIDAY >
Prita Daliya - Travelled 16 January 2014

Thank you White Circle for one of the best experiences we have had. A 2-night stopover in Helsinki and an extra night at The Saija Lodge - all arranged without problem!

Everyone at The Saija Lodge were amazing - we felt well looked after. The accommodation & surroundings are just picture perfect! We loved every minute, even at minus 31 degrees celsius! Our accomodaton both at The Lodge & The Wilderness cabin was much more luxurious than I had anticipated, a very welcome treat.

Jano was our guide but they are all brilliant at what they do & really helpful and informative. All of the meals were included and were delicious - I am sure we all returned home a little fatter.

We booked the Husky Safari which was truly amazing and definitely the best bit for me. There are about a 100 dogs there - all really well looked after, loved, happy to be there, and happy to work. It is amazing spending time with them and the sledging and overnight safari really were a once in a lifetime experience. It is brilliant seeing how the dogs and guides interact - this is truly a labour of love! Thank you White Circle & Saija Lodge for an absolutely amazing holiday!

Reviewed 16 March 2014
Lapland Winter AdventureVIEW HOLIDAY >
Helen Gutteridge - Travelled 26 January 2014

Our guide/rep was brilliant. Friendly, helpful and informative.

Reviewed 6 March 2014
Jenny Elmore - Travelled 17 February 2014

Our recent trip to celebrate our 40th Wedding Anniversary last year and my 60th Birthday yet to come:

Firstly thank you for the complimentary bottle of wine, which was greatly appreciated. The trip was everything we could have wanted, as the northern lights had been elusive for many months, and it was very cloudy throughout our stay, we had resigned ourselves to the fact that we would not witness this phenomenon. Miraculously on the last night we were fortunate that the skies were totally clear and the lights appeared for more than 3 hours! – I share with you one of the photos which was taken.

Thank you and the solar system! for a truly magical experience. Perfect.

Kind regards

Jenny and Peter Elmore

Reviewed 6 March 2014
Winter AdventureVIEW HOLIDAY >
Carrie Dawson - Travelled 16 February 2014

Hi all

We have just returned from 6 nights at Harriniva and just wanted to let you know it really was a holiday of a lifetime. The whole package was fantastic, Katrina and the staff at Harriniva could not have been more helpful, the weather was fabulous and for the first time in weeks, the Northern Lights made an appearance! The icing on the cake! We absolutely loved the two night Husky Safari with Otto, fell in love with the dogs and wanted to bring them home, the snow mobiles was great fun and our guide Dirk gave us a memorable insight into the role of the Reindeer in Northern Finland. I could go on but suffice to say we couldn't fault the Adventure.

Many thanks and we will continue to recommend you and your holidays to all our friends!

Kind regards

Carrie Dawson

Reviewed 27 February 2014
Tunturi Multi Activity TasterVIEW HOLIDAY >
Antonie Van de Bovenkamp - Travelled 26 January 2014

We had a great time in Luosto with the multi-activity taster trip. Everything ran like clockwork, and looking back now at the pictures much of the magic is preserved.  We didn't see the Northern Lights but it still made for a super holiday.

Reviewed 17 February 2014

The Top of FinlandVIEW HOLIDAY >
Hilary Hazzard - Travelled 12 January 2014

I got back from Utsjoki ('the top of Finland') on Friday and I'm just emailing to let you know what an excellent experience it was in all respects (even at -35°C).

Travelling was trouble-free, the hosts were professional-yet-friendly and attentive to our needs (that's me and the only other people there, a couple from Germany) - though we didn't actually need anything outside of what was provided.  The food was particularly fabulous.  We agreed that Anne and Petteri made us feel more like welcome visitors than 'tourists' - I particularly appreciated that as a lone traveller - and I'd definitely recommend this for anyone wanting a closer-to-nature experience than some of the hotel-based trips.  The Northern Lights made their appearance twice (that we caught).  That's not something you could have laid on but I thought you might like to know.  Best birthday ever!

Reviewed 17 February 2014
Tunturi Multi Activity TasterVIEW HOLIDAY >
Ian Briscoe - Travelled 15 December 2013

Just returned to England after a great week in Luosto.  Despite not having seen the Northern Lights we had great fun. A massive thank you to Graham and Karen who did a fab job out there.  We enjoyed our cabin and even managed to get the fire going!  No hesitation to recommend your company.

Reviewed 17 February 2014
Lakeside AurorasVIEW HOLIDAY >
Valerie Wallis - Travelled 7 December 2013

You wished me a fantastic trip.  It was more than fantastic and my daughter and I had such a wonderful time.  The programme of activities was superb and we had some terrific sightings of the Aurora.  So much of this was due to our wonderful guide, Thomas.  His enthusiasm and love of the area was so obvious and we learnt so much from him.  He went out of his way to ensure we had a good time.

The food at the hotel was excellent and plentiful and our cottage warm and cosy.

The quality of the clothing and equipment was first rate.

Thank you for a wonderful experience.  I will certainly be recommending your company.

Reviewed 17 February 2014
Aurora In The Sami HeartlandsVIEW HOLIDAY >
Barbara Miller

You took untold trouble to help us have a really good holiday in Inari 4 to 8 March. I just want you know it was wonderful. I cannot say how grateful we both are for all you did to make it a really wonderful experience. We saw the Lights every night – you must have arranged it very well. Even the local people said that the display was the best in 50 years!! We were really lucky.

Also, you and I arranged for my son Ben and Jill Miller and their children to have a really wonderful holiday in February.

Thank you, thank you, thank you again.

Reviewed 1 May 2012
5 Day Husky SafariVIEW HOLIDAY >
Adrian James

Just returned from a 5 day Husky Safari in Finland. We had a truly magical time. The pre trip support was excellent and accurate. The highlight of our trip was sledding with the Huskies, I wanted to take one of my dogs, Yeti, home with me but our guide Raikka would not agree! Living in the wilderness was very basic but brilliant. The food was wholesome, with plenty of it. The daytime cooking over an open fire was particularly special. The wilderness cabins were as described and the saunas kept us cleaner than we'd thought. Our guide Raikka was hardworking and helpful, but expect to work hard yourself which added a genuine sense of living in the wilderness and made the relaxing in the evenings all the more enjoyable. We didn't see the Northern Lights so we will have to return. I would recommend a day’s skiing at the local resort Olos, where everything was easy and the slopes were clear and well pisted.

Thanks for a great trip!

Reviewed 29 April 2012
Aurora In The Sami HeartlandsVIEW HOLIDAY >
Janine Rees

This was a superb holiday which we both loved. Everything exceeded our expectations, food, hotel, activities etc.

Reviewed 1 April 2012
Hunt for the Northern LightsVIEW HOLIDAY >
Michelle Rousell

The Forest Hotel is a very friendly, relaxed place to stay and Margaretta and Ingemar made us feel very welcome. They were very friendly and greeted us when we arrived and were helpful throughout our stay. We were welcome in the restaurant at any time of day, with free tea, coffee and biscuits throughout the day. It's nice to come back after an activity, have a hot drink and relax by the fire.

As I say above, the welcome at the hotel was lovely. I'd like to say a special thanks to Felix, who was a fantastic guide. We found him to be lively, extremely enthusiastic and generally nice to spend time with. We also enjoyed his sense of humour. He certainly makes the activities more fun. A special mention should also go to JP, who also acted as our guide for some of the activities. Again, a great person to spend time with. It felt more like we were spending a day out with our mates most of the time and that is hard to achieve in such a short period of time. A fantastic trip made all the more special by the people who run the hotel and the activities.

Reviewed 14 March 2012
Winter AdventureVIEW HOLIDAY >
Rosemarie Rabbitt

An amazing holiday!!! Ronny our guide for the week was great, the hotel was good with good food - fairly basic rooms but perfect for the holiday. Great company and no need for TV or any other type of entertainment. The activities were amazing as was our massage!!!

Reviewed 13 March 2012
Northern Lights at LeisureVIEW HOLIDAY >
Richard Hackworth

The presentation about the Aurora on our final evening was very good - well exceeded expectations. We did not buy any standard additional activities with the holiday. We went cross-country skiing for a day and a half which was vg - some very pleasant tracks (we covered 17 km one day). Hotel service was good; The White Circle representatives were most helpful, special warm clothing provided by hotel was very good. Local prices were reasonable (we didn't buy any alcohol however).

Reviewed 9 March 2012
Tunturi Multi Activity TasterVIEW HOLIDAY >
John Price

I thought everything before the trip ran really smoothly. I had all the information I needed in plenty of time and felt very well prepared for the holiday re what clothes to take etc. When we arrived we were greeted by our reps who were brilliant. They were very approachable and could not do enough for you or to help you out. All the activities were brilliant and superbly run by Snow games. I cannot put into words how impressed I was with them. Everyone who worked at Snow games was very friendly and very helpful. The equipment they provided was in great condition and they were happy to loan absolutely anything we needed. The hotel was very nice; having a north facing room was a great bonus. I thought the food was of a high standard.

The holiday was brilliant and I really want to do the whole thing again!

Reviewed 8 March 2012
Wilderness AurorasVIEW HOLIDAY >
Julie Robinson

Wow! What a fabulous holiday. Timo and Jane went above and beyond the call of duty even after a long working day.

For me, Jane taught me how to knit socks the Finnish way, and Timo lent me his gloves to build a snowman as we were leaving!

Timo's knowledge on photography was amazing and he was more than willing to share it with us, and happy that we had one of the top five nights of spectacular display. We stayed out for 3 hours until our lenses froze!

To leave Menesjarvi was very hard indeed; we were the last on the bus. In the book by CS Lewis, The lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe...... we were leaving Narnia.

Back home I have been driving my car like a snowmobile. Not good in narrow country lanes!

Can't wait to go back, be it through a wardrobe, plane or car, it will never be soon enough.

Thank you all so much for making a dream come true.

George and Julie.

Reviewed 1 March 2012
Wilderness AurorasVIEW HOLIDAY >
Andrzej Hardonin

Apart from the actual Northern Lights, the best activity was the dog-sleds because it was such a unique opportunity. And I left thinking the snow-mobiles would be the thing I'd enjoy the most... And it’s worth mentioning that eating was also an enjoyable activity - it's a good thing that I discovered I like reindeer meat :)

Reviewed 1 March 2012
Aurora In The Sami HeartlandsVIEW HOLIDAY >
Emma Plackett

Thanks for a great holiday. We had a fantastic time and it is an experience to remember.

Reviewed 1 March 2012
Aurora In The Sami HeartlandsVIEW HOLIDAY >
Laura Dabby

Well, it's a personal thing but I really enjoyed the day out with the huskies - the lady who runs the husky farm is enthusiastic and really cares about her animals. The driving of the sled was brilliant, a delicious home cooked stew for lunch - all perfect. Also loved the snowmobiles... that was excellent too!

The holiday was "Gentle" as described... I guess it's wetted my appetite to do more as I found I wanted to do something else in the afternoons, between getting back from the 10am-2pm activity and our early dinner... but we wandered around the museum one day and went for a walk on another...

Reviewed 1 March 2012
Northern Lights at LeisureVIEW HOLIDAY >
Madeleine Aylett

We would like to thank everyone at The White Circle for a fabulous few days which we will always remember.

Reviewed 1 March 2012
Winter CottagesVIEW HOLIDAY >
Lesley Sibbald

A thoroughly marvellous holiday from beginning to end. Our guide (Kimmo) was a fountain of knowledge, an inspiration to everyone and invariably had an answer for every question - most with a huge joke attached. Within days our group (comprising 4 nations) formed a strong bond, frequently compared to 'a family'. The staff at the hotel couldn't do enough to help - we only had to ask. The activities were varied, interesting and most of all - great fun. Kimmo's patience invariably made even the least able feel that he/she was contributing to the experience of the whole group. The food was plentiful, varied and very much appreciated at the end of busy days.

We were particularly pleased at the way in which The White Circle responded to a complaint (from one of our group) regarding a single activity that didn't come up to standard. The compensation offered was extremely quick and very generous - a model in good customer relations.

Reviewed 29 February 2012
Tunturi Multi Activity TasterVIEW HOLIDAY >
Elizabeth Langwade

The most perfect week ever.

All of the activities were great. We really enjoyed doing a taster trip and taking part in activities we might not have chosen ourselves.

Reviewed 9 February 2012
Northern Lights at LeisureVIEW HOLIDAY >
June Campbell

We have never been on a trip like this before and it has inspired us to think about doing something like this again. Peter and Lorna who are based in Luosto and were there to help during our short stay were outstanding. We can't praise them enough.

Reviewed 2 February 2012
Aurora In The Sami HeartlandsVIEW HOLIDAY >
Graham Evans

Thank you for your “Welcome back” email. We had an exhilarating time in Inari enjoying all the activities and were very fortunate to have a good display of the Northern Lights at the end of our first full day. This made it a superb start to the holiday. All of the organisation and arrangements for collection for the activities and transport back to the hotels was on time and friendly. The only exception, which was more the pity because of everything else being so good, was first transfer from Ivalo to the hotel where the driver had stayed in his taxi in the car park when all other drivers had been waiting in the airport arrivals hall to greet their clients. It was not until all other passengers had been collected and gone that our driver came to find us. This was a great pity as every other aspect of the holiday went very well.

I have attached a couple of photos you may use in next year’s brochure if you choose, especially as one was taken of the Northern Lights from the area at the back of the hotel Kultahovi.

A most memorable experience, thank you.

Reviewed 1 February 2012
Aurora In The Sami HeartlandsVIEW HOLIDAY >
Helen Mildmay-White

The hotel was lovely and the food was wonderful. Everything was so well organised, from the transfers to the activities to the equipment hire. It was wonderful that all the activities were done in such small groups, and the guides were so welcoming and knowledgeable.

The husky sledding was fantastic, great to do it yourself and not just be a passenger. Dina who ran the husky farm was lovely and so passionate about her animals; it was a really memorable experience.

A truly memorable trip, now I'm trying to persuade the rest of my family to come next time!

Reviewed 1 February 2012
Wilderness AurorasVIEW HOLIDAY >
Michael Winston

We arrived half a day late due to flight delays but we were very impressed by the way our activities were rescheduled so that we did everything that had been promised.

Reviewed 1 February 2012
5 Day Husky SafariVIEW HOLIDAY >
Emma Schofield

Have just returned from an amazing 5day Husky dog sledding Dec 2011 Xmas trip. It was Fantastic, the weather was cold don’t get me wrong, but nothing can compare to how friendly the dogs are and they are eager to get going no matter what the weather or time of the day and how cool sledding is!! The cabins are basic, no electricity or running water, but they are comfortable, there are mattresses to sleep on and it’s warm once the fire has been going for a bit. There are even toilets too! - well long drops, but you have to brace the cold to get to them from the cabins!!! It’s not a typical holiday, you do have to help out feeding the dogs, lighting fires (if you want warm water or a sauna), chopping up dog meat, but it’s fun - I never thought I would say that standing outside feeding dogs out of a huge trough in -10degrees would have me smiling, but the dogs have worked hard to get you there so you want to make sure they are fed and happy. Its picture perfect scenery - photos will never do it any justice!! The Guides are super friendly and prepared to help out with anything - Sledding is hard initially but after a few days you get the hang of it and by the end you are holding on with 1hand and taking photos with the other! Food is super tasty - anything you can ever imagine cooked over a fire you will have! I’m a fussy eater and managed no problems!!

Reviewed 31 January 2012
5 Day Husky SafariVIEW HOLIDAY >
Maeve Murphy

The dogs were fantastic. Loved the fact that it was pretty much hard core wilderness i.e. no running water or electricity so it was truly back to basics. There was a great sense of achievement on completing the five day safari and totally recommend this trip.

Reviewed 11 January 2012
Winter AdventureVIEW HOLIDAY >
Judy Bould

Had an absolutely wonderful trip last week, found the activities very stimulating. Dirk our guide was superb, a good sense of humour mixed helped with all activities and he helped the group bond well.

Full marks to the team, highly recommended for anyone looking for an active winter holiday.

Reviewed 4 January 2012
Winter AdventureVIEW HOLIDAY >
Merissa Schmidt

Harriniva was AMAZING! From the food to the accommodations to the Staff, I made a lifetime of memories in such a short period. Arto (snowmobile guide) and Meku (mushing guide) were absolutely amazing! I did not feel like a customer, they made me feel like I was a part of this wonderful family. I went to Harriniva at the beginning of the season and the snow did not want to show up, so we utilized quads instead of sleds. IT WAS EXCITING! It was really always about the Huskies anyway. The Finnish wilderness is fantastic for the soul. Words can never express my new found love for Finland and her people. I love this country as if it were my own.

Lots of Love from the United States, Merissa

Reviewed 20 November 2011
Tunturi Searching for the Aurora BorealisVIEW HOLIDAY >
Sam Lowings

I was booked on the 9 day husky safari with Activties Abroad and there is nothing I can say but this was the best holiday experience I have ever had. With all the help and support prior to the trip with what to take with me and tinier and even down to choosing which trip I would enjoy I can't recommend them enough.

This was a once in a lifetime experience for me and no amount of photos can even come close to show the memories I now hold. The guide Petri was fantastic with his knowledge of the area and his bonding with his dogs was something else.

This is a hands on trip, prepare to get them dirty. Each day from start to finish, feeding the dogs, harnessing them and travelling with them from point to point and so rewarding with the most spectacular scenery to accompany this trip.

I would do it again in a second.

Reviewed 19 April 2011
Winter AdventureVIEW HOLIDAY >
Elizabeth McIlroy

Fantastic. This was the most fulfilling holiday we had been on. We were content to return to the UK after the 7days because we did all that we came to do. Our expectations were exceeded by far. The cabin safari - this is where the team got to know each other which set the scene for the forthcoming week. We got to see the aurora - the best sitting in 12 months apparently. There was no least enjoyable activity. The ski-coos were hard to handle but I still enjoyed the trip. My husband assisted the guide very much in this area as he had much experience in this area. No improvements could be made. The whole experience was totally amazing. Having eaten reindeer meat, we will not be able to talk about Rudolf in the same way!! It was delicious I have to say - sorry Santa. X You have covered everything. Wonderful experience. Thanks to all at The White Circle for helping to make this experience happen. Thanks also to our guide "Scotty" who was truly committed and professional throughout the whole week. Any future tours would not be the same without him. He is a credit to the whole experience.

Reviewed 2 March 2011
Winter CottagesVIEW HOLIDAY >
Andrea Bergin

It was our honeymoon and thank you so much for the lovely gesture of giving us a bottle of champagne at new years. It was so appreciated and went down very well!! :) Thank you for a fantastic honeymoon we'll always remember! Andrea & Rob.

Reviewed 15 February 2011
Aurora in the WildVIEW HOLIDAY >
Anne Hodgkinson

We are back after having an amazing time a holiday of a lifetime! We were taken out of our comfort zone! But had the most amazing time! We saw the Aurora on our first night it was fantastic absolutely unbelievable and beautiful. We saw it three more times not as spectacular as the first night but still amazing"

Thank you for all your help!

I have already started recommending it to everyone!

Reviewed 9 February 2011
Aurora in the WildVIEW HOLIDAY >
Collette Hall

I would rate this holiday overall as excellent, and would have no hesitation in recommending it to others. The small, relaxed, family nature of the hotel added to the enjoyment, programme was excellent, and staff at your offices very helpful in answering any queries beforehand.

Reviewed 27 January 2011
Aurora in the WildVIEW HOLIDAY >
Louise Magris

It was great to stay in Nellim Wilderness hotel which was family run and clearly beloved of the local Sami community as well as us tourists. We were very lucky to have a small group of like minded folk on our trip and our guides were excellent able to cater to us very individually. The glass igloos as Kakkuausen were great and I'm glad we tried them out but the hotel there was far more commercial and a less bespoke experience.

Reviewed 27 January 2011
Winter AdventureVIEW HOLIDAY >
Heather Noble

I had the most amazing time and ticked off all the experiences I went there looking for - it was a real trip of a lifetime! I'd like to thank all at The White Circle for making the booking procedure so straight forward, personal and friendly, and all at Harriniva for making me so welcome.

Reviewed 6 January 2011
Winter CottagesVIEW HOLIDAY >
Fiona Cooper

This is a holiday that was among one of our best! We would love to go back and maybe do the 2 day husky trip. The people are very pleasant and the cabin was great.

Reviewed 30 December 2010
Winter AdventureVIEW HOLIDAY >
Maxine Guest

Overall Holiday Rating: Excellent. Our guide Toini was brilliant and went out of her way to make sure we had the best holiday. Nothing was too much trouble for her. Most enjoyable activity? All of them! I have never been on a ski mobile, a reindeer sleigh, cross county skied or driven huskies. They were all amazing and exceeded every expectation I had. The itinerary was fantastic in that you got to try everything. Comments: Although apprehensive at the start of the holiday, I soon realised it was going to be an amazing experience and enjoyed every minute. We had fantastic weather and the northern lights didn't disappoint - they were amazing! The memories of this holiday will last a lifetime, although I'm planning on coming back soon! I'm looking forward to exploring the (other) destinations you currently have!

Reviewed 15 March 2010